"Moderation  in all things is the key to weight management,  feeling and looking better"   -

"JB"  Griffin, trimcards Founder 

Developed to help individuals who need or want to be in control of their eating habits and goals on a daily basis to start feeling better and getting more accomplished by writing down  daily goals. trimcards have been published since 1981 and we believe healthy habits will make happier, healthier and wealthier individuals.   

Feel Better

Eat what you want 
track your Calories

"It's been clinically proven that keeping track of what you eat is the #1 most effective method for controlling and reducing your daily caloric intake." - WebMD.com


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Start Feeling better from Day 1 

  • Instruction Folder 
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  • Manage Weight Loss  
  • Track Exercise 
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Moderation .. Eat , drink, live 

Weight Management


We all know most diets FAIL....They are temporary, inconvenient, restictive and deprive your body of nutrients and calories needed for energy  

trimcards will help you 

Stop the Roller- Coaster...  Quit the fad diets
get out of the 95% of those who diet lose weight and put the weight back on.
avoid high calorie foods and habits that led you to gain weight
trimcards will help you understand that a successful weight loss/management program means you need to stop dieting and make the commitment to changing the kinds of foods you eat and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle that fits your interests and needs .. Walking 15-30 minutes is a day is all you need. The key is to move the body